Annual Awards 2020: Bringing the Outside In

Perhaps more than any time in recent memory, the profound disruption of urban life caused by the pandemic has reinforced the value of open space in our dense communities. With nowhere else to go, open spaces of all kinds have been a salve for the mind and for the soul, in addition to serving as welcome places for movement and recreation.

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bricks and brownstone

The Brownstone Bible is Back!

Preservationist and co-author Patrick Ciccone joined FRIENDS virtually on September 24th to discuss the process and development of the newest edition of Bricks and Brownstone.

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IN THE NEWS: Developer Zoning Fraud

The issue of zoning fraud, heightened by the Buildings Department’s broken self-certification program, was highlighted today in an opinion piece published today in Gotham Gazette, by Diana Florence, the former head of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Construction Fraud Task Force.

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Decorated Tenement: An Illustrated History

Architectural historian Zachary Violette joined FRIENDS virtually in July 2020 to discuss his book, The Decorated Tenement: How Immigrant Builders And Architects Transformed The Slum In The Gilded Age.

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Introducing “East Side Extra”

Introducing FRIENDS' new series of written pieces that offer a deep dive into lesser known areas of local history and advocacy.

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The Fight to Save First Avenue Estate: Looking Back

FRIENDS recently capped its weeklong series exploring the cultural and historical context of Yorkville’s City and Suburban First Avenue Estate and the decades-long battle to preserve it, which relied upon both local advocates and the legal system at our country’s highest court.

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Historic Yorkville Family Tour

Children of all ages explored historic Yorkville on this virtual family tour led by FRIENDS' Director of Education in June 2020.

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Reimagined Row Houses

Andrew Dolkart discussed the history of early 20th century row house modernization, written about in The Row House Reborn, for FRIENDS in May 2020.

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Annual Awards 2020: Getting to Know our Good Neighbors

Many businesses on the Upper East Side are family-owned, and have been passed down for generations. These small mom and pop shops lend individual character, neighborly warmth, and historical continuity to our community. The following tour highlights an array of small businesses that have served our neighborhood for decades.

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Annual Awards 2020: An Ethereal Tour of the Upper East Side

Today we celebrate the recipient of our 2020 Renaissance Award, Park Avenue Synagogue. Last year the Synagogue completed a campus-wide renovation, with a program for the East 87th Street Synagogue House in tandem with the newly acquired building on East 89th Street.

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FRIENDS of the Upper East Side 2020