East Side Extra: Footloose: A virtual walk through the 1980s Upper East Side

In honor of Jane’s Walk 2021, we are thrilled to debut our collection of local architectural photography from that decade, and share highlights from our 80s archive, documenting the buildings

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East Side Extra: In Town/Out of Town

Who is the Bridge and Tunnel crowd? In more quotidian times, that moniker might call to mind tourists from New Jersey. Currently, the crowd in question might be New Yorkers

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East Side Extra: The UES on Film

Film is known for its transportive powers, which might be why so many of us have turned to movies during our time at home. For most of the pandemic, the

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East Side Extra: Introducing the Rhinelanders

As the Third and Second Avenue elevated trains rumbled their way uptown to Yorkville in the early 1880s, passengers would have seen streets around them that were unevenly lined with

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East Side Extra: Military History and Adaptive Reuse on the Upper East Side

The Upper East Side’s three landmarked armories might be the most “commanding” structures in the neighborhood. Among New York’s earliest landmarks, these fortified urban fortresses were built to store arms

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East Side Extra: Something Sweet for your Holiday Weekend

When Glaser’s Bakery in Yorkville closed its doors on July 1, 2018, we lost a beloved institution that had been delighting the neighborhood’s sweet teeth since 1902. As the recipient

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Annual Awards 2020: Getting to Know our Good Neighbors

Many businesses on the Upper East Side are family-owned, and have been passed down for generations. These small mom and pop shops lend individual character, neighborly warmth, and historical continuity

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Annual Awards 2020: An Ethereal Tour of the Upper East Side

Today we celebrate the recipient of our 2020 Renaissance Award, Park Avenue Synagogue. Last year the Synagogue completed a campus-wide renovation, with a program for the East 87th Street Synagogue

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Past Events

38th Annual Meeting and Awards – Watch it Here!

Last week, around 150 people joined us to celebrate and recognize the fine restoration, renovation, and advocacy work completed on the Upper East Side.

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38th Annual Meeting and Awards

We are pleased to hold our 38th Annual Awards Ceremony to recognize the fine restoration, renovation, and advocacy work on the Upper East Side over the past year.

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FRIENDS Gone Virtual: Looking Back and Forward!

FRIENDS' dedication to our neighborhood remains steadfast, even in this most unusual of years. Despite the pandemic, our office continued to educate and enrich our understanding of the Upper East

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Upper East Side Building History Detectives

Get ready to be a skyline sleuth! Have you ever wanted to learn more about a building in your neighborhood? When it was built, which architect designed it, and who

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bricks and brownstone

The Brownstone Bible is Back!

Preservationist and co-author Patrick Ciccone joined FRIENDS virtually on September 24th to discuss the process and development of the newest edition of Bricks and Brownstone.

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Decorated Tenement: An Illustrated History

Architectural historian Zachary Violette joined FRIENDS virtually in July 2020 to discuss his book, The Decorated Tenement: How Immigrant Builders And Architects Transformed The Slum In The Gilded Age.

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The Fight to Save First Avenue Estate: Looking Back

FRIENDS recently capped its weeklong series exploring the cultural and historical context of Yorkville’s City and Suburban First Avenue Estate and the decades-long battle to preserve it, which relied upon

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Historic Yorkville Family Tour

Children of all ages explored historic Yorkville on this virtual family tour led by FRIENDS' Director of Education in June 2020.

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Lucie Levine:
Back to School

Lucie Levine:
Putting People in the Buildings: Yorkville

Daniel Garodnick:
Saving Stuyvesant Town

Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin:
Can You Imagine: A Look at Never-Built projects on the Upper East Side

Paulina Bren:
The Barbizon: The Hotel That Set Women Free

Betsy Bober Polivy:
Walking Manhattan Sideways

38th Annual Meeting & Awards

Lucie Levine:
Ada Louise Huxtable's New York

Tricia Foley:
The Lost Voice of Mary L Booth

Andrew Alpern and Simon Fieldhouse:
Door to Door: A Virtual Look at New York’s Posh Portals

Matt Postal:
From Park Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue: A Presidential View of the Upper East Side

Gary Lawrence:
New Year, Old World: Gilded Grandeur on the Upper East Side

Roberta Brandes Gratz and Anthony C. Wood:
It’s a Helluva Town: Joan K. Davidson, the J.M. Kaplan Fund, and the Fight for a Better New York

Dan Allen:
Historic Building Materials

Lucie Levine:
Upper East Side Hotels

Susan De Vries:
Building History Detectives

Susan Tunick:
Terra Cotta: Don't Take it for Granite!

Leigh Hallingby:
A Feminist Walk Through Harlem

Patrick Ciccone:
Bricks and Brownstone

Meredith Bergmann:
Monumental Women

Zachary Violette:
The Decorated Tenement

First Avenue Estate:
The Architectural, Social, and Cultural Context

First Avenue Estate:
The Legal Context and Significance

First Avenue Estate:
The Community Advocacy

First Avenue Estate:
Looking Forward

Family Walking Tour:
Historic Yorkville

Andrew Dolkart:
The Rowhouse Reborn

George Janes in:
How Do Supertowers Get So Tall?

A Perilous Path to Protection:
Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of a Landmark

The Upper East Side:
A Framework for the Future of Five Neighborhoods

Shaped by Immigrants:
A History of Yorkville

FRIENDS of the Upper East Side 2020