As a part of our holistic mission to preserve the many facets of neighborhood character, FRIENDS undertook a comprehensive study of historic Yorkville, the multi-cultural neighborhood that was home to waves of immigrants in the 19th and early-20th century.

Our research culminated in the 2018 publication of Shaped by Immigrants: A History of Yorkville, and an accompanying video that together bring the compelling legacy of Yorkville’s architectural and immigrant history to a broad public.  FRIENDS is committed to the protection of the many buildings that embody that heritage, while also enriching the beauty and complexity of the neighborhood. The scale and detailing of the tenements and early apartment buildings, the unique characteristics and historical context of each religious property, and the message of humanity in the educational and philanthropic institutions in Yorkville must remain as integral parts of its future.


Shaped by Immigrants: A History of Yorkville

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