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923 Fifth Avenue

Building Name

923 Fifth Avenue


Sylvan Bien

Year(s) Built



Upper East Side Historic District

923 Fifth Avenue
Project Information:

Building designed by W.P. and A.M. Parsons and constructed in 1881-82 (present façade designed by Adams and Prentice and constructed in 1941). Application is for a new rooftop addition.

CB8 Hearing — 3/18/19, Approved
LPC Hearing — 3/26/19, Approved

FRIENDS' Testimony:

FRIENDS takes no issue with the window alterations occurring within the existing masonry openings on the south and west elevations of 923 Fifth Avenue. Similarly, our Preservation Committee supports the centering of the through-wall PTAC louver beneath the existing tripartite window on the eastern elevation. However, we forcefully oppose the expansion of the dining room window on the eastern façade and urge the Commission to disapprove this portion of the application. These southeastern window openings share the same pattern on each floor, and this new 14 foot wide tripartite window would be the only opening to disrupt that rhythm. Regardless of the level of contribution this building has to the Upper East Side Historic district, such a large removal of fabric is categorically inappropriate on such a highly visible 18th floor location.

LPC Hearing: