910 Fifth Avenue

Building Name

910 Fifth Avenue


Fred F. French

Year(s) Built



Sylvan Bien, 1958-59


Upper East Side Historic District

910 Fifth Avenue
Project Information:

An apartment building originally designed by Fred F. French, built in 1919, and altered by Sylvan Bien in 1958-59. Application is to amend Certificate of Appropriateness 97-2301 and Miscellaneous/ Amendment 98-3385 for the creation of a Master Plan governing future installation of windows.

CB8 Hearing: 04/07/2014 (Disapproved)
LPC Hearing: 05/20/2014 (Laid-Over); 9/9/2014 (Approved)

Other projects: June 11, 2019

FRIENDS' Testimony:

FRIENDS supported the original master plan for this building in 1998, though at the time we grieved over the loss of the double hung windows which were the only feature linking the building to its function as an apartment house. Although we continue to regret that loss, we do not object to the proposed amendment. The profiles of the two window frames are similar enough that we think the difference is within acceptable limits.

However, it is important to note that it would have been easier for our Preservation Committee to evaluate the full scope of this proposal had we been provided with building elevations, drawings, or even a diagram showing the percentage of windows that have already been changed. Lacking this information, it was difficult to make a decision based solely on the type of unit being proposed.