910 Fifth Avenue

Building Name

910 Fifth Avenue


Fred F. French

Year(s) Built



Sylvan Bien, 1958-59


Upper East Side Historic District

910 Fifth Avenue
Project Information:

An apartment building designed by Fred F. French, built in 1919, and altered by Sylvan Bien in 1958-59. Application is to replace windows.

CB8 Hearing: 05/13/2019 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 06/11/2019 (Approved)

Other projects: September 9, 2014

FRIENDS' Testimony:

While the one-over-one double hung windows at this unit are perhaps the singular feature that bear any recollection to the original 1919 Fred French building, we feel that their replacement by single-pane windows and the removal of the masonry pier will serve to unify this unit’s fenestration and comply with the building’s master plan. Though our committee typically favors the appearance of double-hung windows, we feel that the applicant ought to also replace the remaining windows on the 72nd Street elevation to match the single-pane configuration on the 12th floor’s south façade.

FRIENDS feels that the proposal is relatively minor considering that the existing building is not highly stylized and furthermore has suffered numerous incongruous window replacements over time. Though the building’s fenestration will remain far from fully standardized, FRIENDS supports this application.

LPC Hearing: