9-11 East 96th Street

Building Name

9-11 East 96th Street


Gronenberg & Leuchtag

Year(s) Built



Carnegie Hill Historic District

9-11 East 96th Street
Project Information:

A neo-Medieval style apartment building designed by Gronenberg & Leuchtag and built in 1926. Application is to install a rooftop railing and a pergola.

CB11 Hearing: 04/09/2014 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 05/13/2014 (Approved)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS finds the replacement of the iron railing with glass to be minimally visible and appropriate. Meanwhile, we appreciate the applicant’s effort to convey the impact of the proposed changes to the rear through mock-ups and drawings, however we wish they had also presented the alterations with renderings or photo montages. With only the mock-up, it is difficult to fully consider the visibility of the rear pergola and its relationship to 9 East 96th Street. We understand the new structure is lower than the existing aluminum framing by nearly 10” which is positive, however the existing structure reads as part of the building from the street view provided.

While it appears that proposed work on the rear will be minimally visible, the absence of renderings or more detailed drawings makes it difficult to determine definitively. We ask the Commission to work with the applicant to ensure that the pergola is indeed unobtrusive from the public way.

LPC Hearing: