19 East 70th Street

Building Name

19 East 70th Street


Thornton Chard

Year(s) Built



Upper East Side Historic District; Individual Landmark

19 East 70th Street
Project Information:

An Italian Renaissance style residence designed by Thornton Chard and built in 1909-1910. Application is to reconstruct the rear facade, construct a rooftop addition, replace the areaway fencing and alter the entrance, and to request that the Landmarks Preservation Commission issue a report to the City Planning Commission relating to an application for a Modification of Bulk pursuant to Section 74-711 of the Zoning Resolution.

CB8 Hearing: 07/13/15 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 07/21/15 (No action)
LPC Meeting: 09/08/15 (Approved)

Other projects: May 20, 2014

FRIENDS' Testimony:

Overall the Preservation Committee at FRIENDS found this proposal to be significantly more appropriate than the earlier May 2014 proposal and an improvement over the current condition. We appreciate the subtle approach to the rear façade, which seems to march up the building in a sensible way. The side-by-side bay windows skillfully pick up on the spirit of the original design. However, it would be more appropriate for each bay to contain a pair of double-hung windows. Additionally, the Committee noted a preference for smaller panes reminiscent of the original casement windows at the lower level.

We take no issue with the rooftop addition. The proposed changes at the entrance, including the replacement of the existing glazed storm door and areaway fencing, will enhance the handsome front façade.

With regard to the 74-711 application, we are pleased to see a building returned to its original use, and we welcome the ongoing restoration and maintenance of this historic property.

As both an individual landmark and a contributing building in the Upper East Side Historic District, 19 East 70th Street deserves special attention to detail. With the minor changes to the rear window configuration, the Preservation Committee at FRIENDS supports this application.

LPC Hearing:
FRIENDS' Testimony: