138 East 65th Street

Building Name

138 East 65th Street

Year(s) Built



Altered in Colonial Revival style, Samuel Edson Gage, 1906


Upper East Side Historic District Extension

138 East 65th Street
Project Information:

A row house built in 1870-71 and altered in the Colonial Revival style by Samuel Edson Gage in 1906. Application is to alter the front and rear facades and excavate part of the rear yard.

CB8 Hearing: 1/14/13 (Rooftop Mechanicals & Front Facade: Approved; Rear Facade: Disapproved)
LPC Hearing: 2/5/13 (Approved)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS finds that the applicant has proposed many improvements for 138 East 65th Street, including the removal of the service entrance and the reinstatement of the ground floor bay window configuration, as well as the elimination of the AC grilles. However, the rear fa├žade should be reconsidered. There is an excessive amount of glazing at the penthouse and lower level, while the window dimensions at the second and third story are disproportionate. The FRIENDS Preservation Committee urges the Commission to work with the applicant before approving this application.