Advocacy Alert: 210 East 62nd Street! Your voice needed at LPC this Tuesday

210 East 62nd Street, left to right: facade prior to construction; proposed alterations; existing conditions.

Next Tuesday, April 26th, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) will review the latest plans for 210 East 62nd Street located in the Treadwell Farm Historic District in a public hearing. The rowhouse dates to 1870 with 20th century alterations, and has been the subject of a contentious renovation project since plans to remodel the front facade, demolish all the interiors, and build a bulky rooftop and rear addition first came forward in 2016.

After LPC approval of a version of the project, over strong objections expressed by neighbors, FRIENDS, and local elected officials, the applicant went far beyond the project permitted by the Commission. Instead, the applicant built a taller bulkier rooftop addition, built each floor taller than what was approved leading to a taller overall building, demolished significant historic details meant to be maintained, and illegally excavated and underpinned the building. 210 East 62nd Street has remained an open shell for the past five years, with the rear completely subject to the elements, accelerating its deterioration.

Current plans to legalize a smaller version of the rooftop addition do not adequately rectify the situation. And the applicant's behavior continues to demonstrate complete disregard for the building, the neighborhood, the Landmarks Law, and the authority of the Commission.

210 East 62nd Street section: in red is the originally approved section, in blue the as-built, and in black the proposal.

FRIENDS believes this situation demands strong administrative enforcement, including revocation of the existing permit and demolition by neglect proceedings. At a minimum, the agency must require significant alterations to the proposal and a tight timeline for completion of work, coupled with a schedule of meaningful fines if the timeline is not followed. Regardless of which course of action the Commission decides to pursue, any amended permit must be conditioned on the following changes to the proposal:

  • Restore the interior floor heights to original levels.
  • Restore the roof height and configuration to its original conditions, without parapets, guardrails, or any additional element that is visible from a public thoroughfare.
  • Restore the rear cornice line, including rebuilding the historic corbelling.
  • Restore the rear window configuration on the top floor.
  • Significantly scale back the rear addition, both in depth, height, and design.

The Treadwell Farm Historic District derives its significance in part from the uniformity of residential character. As proposed for legalization, this plan is incongruent with this character. The history of this project requires that the Commission take every step necessary to prevent the unnecessary loss of this protected building.

Please join us in making this point to the LPC on Tuesday, April 26th. We need your voice to take a stand against the disregard this owner has shown this building and the community.

LPC Hearing Tuesday, April 26th via Zoom
210 East 62nd Street is the last item on the agenda, will likely start sometime after lunch.
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