895 Madison Avenue

Building Name

895 Madison Avenue


W.L. Rouse and L.A. Goldstone

Year(s) Built



Upper East Side Historic District

895 Madison Avenue
Project Information:

A neo-Renaissance style apartment building designed by W.L. Rouse and L.A. Goldstone and built in 1916. Application is to legalize the installation of awnings and planters without Landmarks Preservation Commission permit(s).

CB8 Hearing: 04/13/17 (No recommendation)
LPC Hearing: 04/25/17 (Laid over); 05/23/17 (Approved)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

FRIENDS does not condone work done to landmarked buildings without a permit. While the size and color of the existing awning are appropriate to us, the addition of planters and the logo on the slope of the awning seem excessive. The base of this building has already been compromised by patchwork insensitive infill, and the sizes and heights of the other storefront awnings are all different, making this stretch of the block look jumbled.

A single building with several storefronts located at a prominent corner along Madison Avenue should seek, over time, to create a uniform storefront appearance across the entire building. The legalization of this work would only add to the clutter at the base. We request that the awnings be replaced to match the height of the other existing awnings at the two storefronts to the north in the same building, and that the new awnings contain lettering on the skirt only. We also request the removal of the planters, which are an intrusion onto the public sidewalk at a busy intersection along a cross-town street.

LPC Hearing: