841 Lexington Avenue

Building Name

841 Lexington Avenue


Thomas W. Lamb Inc.

Year(s) Built



Upper East Side Historic District Extension

841 Lexington Avenue
Project Information:

A simplified Colonial Revival style store and apartment building designed by Thomas W. Lamb Inc. and built in 1929. Application is to install a bracket sign and an awning.

CB8 Hearing: 02/10/2014 (Disapproved)
LPC Hearing: 02/18/2014 (No Action)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

FRIENDS fought for over ten years to achieve the extension of the Upper East Side Historic District in order to protect the distinctive qualities of Lexington Avenue and its side streets. In particular, we were proud to include this unusual design by famed theater architect Thomas Lamb.

As you know, this application is before you today because the proposed box awning at 841 Lexington Avenue does not conform to Section 2-12 of the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s rules for the installation of awnings in historic districts. Most notably, this awning is not sloped and it boasts logos throughout. In addition, this box awning is massive — at nearly 13 feet wide, projecting 4 feet — entirely inappropriate dimensions for a secondary facade on a residential side street. Finally, the awnings referenced as examples are either grandfathered into or located outside of the Upper East Side Historic District Extension.

Therefore, the Preservation Committee at FRIENDS found little justification in allowing a departure from the rules in this instance. If shelter for the ADA compliant entrance is required, our committee asks the Commission to work with the applicant in designing a more historically appropriate awning that conforms to the LPC Rules.