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825 Fifth Avenue

Building Name

825 Fifth Avenue


J.E.R. Carpenter

Year(s) Built


Application Description

Replace the sidewalk and alter the areaway


Upper East Side Historic District

825 Fifth Avenue
Project Information:

A neo-Classical style apartment building designed by J.E.R. Carpenter and built in 1926. Application is to replace the sidewalk and alter the areaway.

CB8 Hearing: 05/18/15 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 05/19/15 (Laid-over); 06/16/15 (Approved)

FRIENDS Testimony:

Our Committee found the replacement of the concrete sidewalk with bluestone to be a welcome change. While we are generally opposed to any incursions into the public way, the increased area of the planting beds will align with those of the neighboring buildings. We would like to highlight, however, that in combination with the larger tree-pits, the sidewalk will be substantially diminished.

Although we regret the reduction of the sidewalk, the Preservation Committee at FRIENDS supports the application.

Thank you.

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