55 East 84th Street

Building Name

55 East 84th Street


Magginnis & Walsh

Year(s) Built



Individual Landmark

55 East 84th Street
Project Information:

A Classical style building designed by Magginnis & Walsh, and built between 1913 and 1917. Application is to install flagpoles and banners

CB8 Hearing: 10/16/17 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 11/14/17 (Approved)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

The proposed banners are, in our opinion, more attractive and architectural than the prior banners, which were shorter and squatter. We do have some reservations about affixing the pole to the cast iron, which has a decorative motif, and we hope that the process will be as least intrusive as possible, in case the banners need to be removed in the future. Overall, FRIENDS supports this application.

LPC Hearing: