25 East 64th Street

Building Name

25 East 64th Street


John G. Prague

Year(s) Built



Upper East Side Historic District

25 East 64th Street
Project Information:

An Italianate style rowhouse designed by John G. Prague, built in 1879-80 and altered in 1919 and 1926. Application is to construct a rooftop elevator bulkhead.

CB8 Hearing: 04/18/16 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 05/03/16 (Approved)

Other projects: September 10, 2019

FRIENDS' Testimony:

It should be noted that since the architect was unable to photograph the building without scaffolding or assemble a mock-up on the roof, it is difficult to determine the true visibility of the bulkhead. While computer generated models can provide an understanding, without a physical mockup or photographs it is hard to comment on the bulkhead. It does appear, though, that the bulkhead will only have a small amount of visibility, and its limestone-colored exterior will blend in with other existing rooftop additions and neighboring party walls. FRIENDS can support this application, provided that the bulkhead is minimally visible.

LPC Hearing: