170 East 75th Street

Building Name

170 East 75th Street


Hill and Stout

Year(s) Built



Converted into an automobile stable, 1902


Upper East Side Historic District Extension

170 East 75th Street
Project Information:

An Arts and Crafts style row house designed by Hill and Stout and built in 1880-81, and converted into an automobile stable in 1902. Application is to construct additions and modify the primary facade and roof dormer.

CB8 Hearing: Approved
LPC Hearing: 9/4/2012 (Laid Over); 9/11/2012 (Approved w/modifications)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

The former garages at 168-176 East 75th Street are some of the most charming buildings included in the Upper East Side Historic District Extension. Altered to their present appearance in 1902, the New York Times noted that they were the first automobile garages erected for private use in the city. Although each has been modified over the years, the row still retains a clear connection to this previous use. Because of this, the Preservation Committee at FRIENDS objects to the proposed changes to the central ground floor opening that was once the garage door. The removal of paneling and infill of brick transforms what is reminiscent of a garage door into a diminutive window, destroying the connection the building has with this significant history. The detrimental effects of this change are clearly shown at 176 East 75th Street, which the applicant uses as a precedent.

The alteration to the dormer was found to be an improvement as it is more in keeping with the building’s other windows. The rooftop addition and its chimney, however, overwhelm the historic row house and should be scaled back.

Lastly, our committee found the rear yard extension at the ground floor to be modest and appropriate. However, the addition at the fifth floor should be set back from the original rear parapet as typically recommended by the LPC. FRIENDS urges the Commission to work with the applicant to address these issues before approving this application.