144-146 East 65th Street

Building Name

144-146 East 65th Street


Treanor and Fatio

Year(s) Built



Upper East Side Historic District

144 East 65th Street
Project Information:

A Colonial Revival style house designed by Treanor and Fatio and built in 1924. Application is to construct a rooftop addition, alter the rear façade, excavate the rear yard, and modify a fence.

CB8 Hearing: 11/05/18 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 11/27/18 (Approved)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

FRIENDS of the Upper East Side finds the restorative work on the main facade and the proposed metal entry gate to be minimally impactful and respectful to the historic character of 146 East 65th Street and the Upper East Side Historic District Extension.

Our Preservation Committee takes no issue with the extension of the rear facade, or the excavation in the rear yard and addition of the five new basement-level windows as the work at this level is all below grade which tempers its relationship with the upper stories of the façade. We would also like to note that the parlor floor bay is a unique and attractive element on this facade and we hope the installation of the new steel terrace avoids damaging this feature. Unfortunately, we find that the size and scale of the new steel windows on the top floor strike a discordant note on this well-ordered rear elevation. The proposed windows occupy a massive vertical space that disrupts the existing simple proportions through their excessive height and relatively narrow width.

We support the modification to the fence, the rooftop addition on the rear elevation, and the excavation and new basement windows, but FRIENDS asks that the dimensions of the proposed fifth-floor windows on the rear façade be altered to better match the proportions of this very fine Colonial Revival home.

LPC Hearing: