132 East 73rd Street

Building Name

132 East 73rd Street


William McNamara

Year(s) Built



Altered in the Medieval Revival style by John J. Foley in 1913


Upper East Side Historic District

132 East 73rd Street
Project Information:

A neo-Grec style rowhouse designed by William McNamara, built in 1879-1880, and altered in the Medieval Revival style by John J. Foley in 1913. Application is to alter the facade and install an areaway fence.

CB8 Hearing: 12/17/2014 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 03/17/2015 (Approved with modifications)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

Our Preservation Committee found the front fa├žade work to be an improvement over the current condition, especially since it would only affect the limestone base installed in the 1980s. We further found the ice-melt system to be agreeable, with the added possibility of providing a public benefit.

However, the proposed areaway infringes on the sidewalk and reduces the amount usable by pedestrians without reasonable justification.

The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS asks the Commission to approve the proposed alterations with the exception of the areaway fence.

LPC Hearing: