11-13 East 67th Street

Building Name

11-13 East 67th Street


(1) Foster & Gade; (2) Harry Allan Jacobs

Year(s) Built

(1) 1913; (2) 1920-21


Upper East Side Historic District

11-13 East 67th Street
Project Information:

A neo-French Classical style dwelling designed by Foster & Gade and built in 1913 and an English neo-Classical style dwelling designed by Harry Allan Jacobs and built in 1920-21. Application is to combine the buildings, reconstruct rooftop and rear yard additions, rear extensions and rear facades, excavate the cellars, install new areaway ironwork, and modify an opening.

CB8 Hearing: 10/15/12 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 11/13/12 (Approved)

FRIENDS Testimony:

Because the new areaway dimensions are consistent with others on the block and the modification to the doorway is an improvement, the proposed front fa├žade work was found to be appropriate by the FRIENDS Preservation Committee. At the rear, irregular massing and a series of setbacks successfully maintain the concept of additions over time that is typical to buildings of this type. Furthermore, this reconfiguration has been achieved with a reduction in square footage. For these reasons, our committee supports the approval of this application.