Grand Army Plaza

Building Name

Grand Army Plaza

Year(s) Built



Expanded by Carrere and Hastings, 1913-1916


Scenic Landmark

Grand Army Plaza
Project Information:

A plaza originally established in the 1860s and expanded and redesigned by Carrere and Hastings in 1913-1916. Application is to regrade and reset paving.

LPC Hearing: 05/21/13 (Positive Advisory Report)
Design Commission Hearing: 06/24/13

FRIENDS' Testimony:

The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS thanks the Landmarks Preservation Commission for holding a hearing on this proposal at Grand Army Plaza. The scope of work—which includes replacing lost trees in the original planting design, planting new shrubbery, replacing deteriorated benches with seating based on the original bench design, conserving the Sherman monument, and repairing, re-grading, and resetting pavements—are all beneficial improvements to this scenic landmark. Our committee hopes that at some point in the future the Conservancy will embark upon a full-scale restoration that will return Grand Army Plaza to the 1916 Carrère and Hastings design and we strongly recommend that the Conservancy undertake a master plan to that end. But as this proposal does not preclude the possibility of a future scheme of this kind, we support Commission approval of this application.