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Building Name: 1059 Third Avenue
Architect: Manuel Glas
Developer: Inverlad
Building Height (to roof): 417 feet (466 to mechanicals)
Number of Stories: 30
Number of Units: 67
DOB Information: Click here.

Project Information:
The nearly completed Manuel Glas design at 1059 Third Avenue first received its zoning approval in 2015. Despite its plans being amended and approved by DOB multiple times, including the most recent zoning diagrams filed in November 2019, they still have serious errors and present odd solutions to make up for the extra square footage.

The DOB approved March 2019 zoning diagrams show errors that allow 1059 Third Avenue more floor area than permitted by zoning and allow the building to skirt the requirements of the tower-on-base form, which requires the tower portion to comply with specific tower coverage and floor area requirements that are not met here.

Most troubling, the building is nearly 10,000 square feet too large for its zoning district. It accomplishes this through a combination of improper floor area deductions taken systematically in the most valuable tower floors, incorrect measurements of gross floor area on every floor over 18, and deductions to which this building is not entitled. The size, pattern, and pervasiveness of the errors are of grave concern to FRIENDS, so much so, in April 2019 FRIENDS filed a zoning challenge against 1059 Third Avenue.

The most recent filed zoning diagrams show odd solutions to address the extra 10,000 square feet, such as the removal of exterior walls in order to create larger balconies, suggesting even the removal of – already constructed – structural beams. FRIENDS is working with urban planner George Janes to file a second Zoning Challenge with the Department of Buildings. We also question the feasibility of such alterations in an already built structure.

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