Help FRIENDS Fight Against Upper East Side Mega-Towers

Are you kidding me?

That's what I said when I saw this image showing the impact of two massive residential towers looming over a block of historic, elegant, five-story row houses like Behemoth Bookends.

But this is no joke.

Shockingly, this is exactly what developers have been seeking to build on East 62nd and 63rd Streets, on the edge of the Treadwell Farm Historic District - one of the oldest historic districts in New York City. It's a microcosm of a distressing pattern you see throughout our neighborhood and city. Time and again, developers attempt to construct wildly out-of-scale supertalls with complete disregard for neighborhood history, aesthetics and quality of life - in essence, everything we treasure about the Upper East Side.

And that's where FRIENDS steps in. For 37 years, we have been your "boots on the ground" - advocating for the protection of our historic districts and fighting to prevent developers from exploiting loopholes in the city's zoning laws. With your essential support, we will continue to meet each urgent new challenge - including the blight of supertalls.

FRIENDS has already taken action on multiple fronts to oppose the construction of these towers. Learn more about what we've been doing, including getting coverage in the New York Times:

You are already familiar with the infamous "Periscope" Building at 249 East 62nd Street and 2nd Avenue which includes an empty, 150-foot "mechanical void" - the equivalent of 15 stories - to elevate the ultra-expensive apartments at the top. Read more about FRIENDS ongoing challenge to DOB's approval of the plan.

On the other side of the block is 1059 Third Avenue at 63rd Street. FRIENDS discovered that the building is nearly 10,000 square feet larger than permitted by zoning regulations. We challenged DOB's approval of the project, which resulted in a stop of work order halting construction, and an investigation by the District Attorney for possible fraud. Read more here.

Help Us Preserve the Neighborhood You Love

This photo of East 78th Street - a quintessential Upper East Side location with gorgeous buildings, tree-lined sidewalks, and small, family-owned businesses - reminds us of all the things we cherish and seek to protect in our one-of-a-kind neighborhood.

For nearly four decades, FRIENDS has fought passionately to preserve the stunning historic architecture, the special character, and the unique quality of life of the Upper East Side. As always, we can't win these battles against supertalls and other threats without your help.

Please make a gift of $100, $1000 or more to ensure a vision of smart development in the neighborhood you love.

With thanks and very best wishes for the upcoming holidays,

Franny Eberhart

East 78th Street