972 Fifth Avenue

Building Name

972 Fifth Avenue


McKim, Mead, and White

Year(s) Built



Individual Landmark

Project Information:

A high Italian Renaissance style house designed by McKim, Mead, and White and built in 1902-1906. Application is to install artwork.

CB8 Hearing: 5/15/23 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 5/23/23 (Approved)

FRIEND'S Testimony:

FRIENDS Preservation Committee appreciates the desire on behalf of the Institut Francais aux Etats-Unis -- Villa Albertine to commission the installation of lighting sculptures on the façade of the Payne Whitney House, to reflect the arts and culture programming that takes place at the building. We feel that the fixtures installed on the façade are well conceived and elegant and understand that they would be fully reversible without causing damage to the historic materials. Our Preservation Committee feels, however, that we cannot support an installation on such a significant façade that is not time-limited, or subject to periodic inspections to make sure that the installation is not adversely affecting the building, or the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhood.  


LPC Hearing: