134-138 East 74th Street

Building Name

134-138 East 74th Street


W. & W. F. Crockett, E. P. Mellon & W. L. Smith (134-136 East 74th Street); John G. Prague (138 East 74th Street)

Year(s) Built

1871-1875; 134-136 East 74th Street was altered and combined in 1930 and 138 East 74th Street was altered in 1928.


Upper East Side Historic District

Project Information:

A Modern style house originally built in 1871-1875 as two rowhouses, altered and combined by W. & W. F. Crockett, E. P. Mellon & W. L. Smith in 1930; and an Italianate style rowhouse designed by John G. Prague and built in 1871-1875 with a commercial extension added in 1928. Application is to demolish the commercial extension, reconstruct the lower two stories and construct a rooftop bulkhead at #134, and alter the entrances at #138.

CB8 Hearing: 05/17/23
LPC Hearing: 05/23/23

FRIEND'S Testimony:

We commend the applicants on their proposal, which we believe is sensitive to the history of these buildings and an appropriate intervention within the Historic District. FRIENDS’ Preservation Committee does not object to the removal of the two-story brick commercial extension at No. 134, even though it has been in place since 1928, and its replacement with fenestration that replicates that of the original rowhouse. We also support the introduction of a railing and gate in front of the house since it would align with the railing of the adjacent building and would not encroach any further into the area of the sidewalk.  

Although FRIENDS’ Preservation Committee appreciates the proposed restoration work on the façades of both buildings, we would like to see the curved transom panel above the entrance at No. 134 retained as we think it works in harmony with the other curved elements on the façade. 

LPC Hearing: