955-967 Madison Avenue

Building Name

955-967 Madison Avenue


Paul Resnick

Year(s) Built



Upper East Side Historic District

955-967 Madison Avenue
Project Information:

A white brick apartment building designed by Paul Resnick and built in 1958. Application is to alter storefronts and install a new storefront opening.

CB8 Hearing: 10/07/13 (No position)
LPC Hearing: 11/12/13 (Approved)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

It is difficult to envision how this unusual proposal will appear in reality, but the renderings display an innovative screening technique that infuses contemporary flair to the ground floor of 955-967 Madison Avenue. However, the Preservation Committee at FRIENDS is concerned that the abutting of bluestone and polished brass behind this otherwise uniform screening undermines the goal of an overall consistent treatment of the building’s commercial base. The Madison Avenue Guidelines for a category yellow storefront require uniformity in materiality and articulation. FRIENDS recommends that the Commission continue working with the applicant to meet this guideline requirement before approving this proposal.