827 Madison Avenue

Building Name

827 Madison Avenue

Year(s) Built



James Casale, 1923


Upper East Side Historic District

827 Madison Avenue
Project Information:

A Queen Anne style residence built in 1880 and modified in 1923 by James Casale. Application is to re-clad the first floor.

CB8 Hearing:
LPC Hearing: 04/23/13 (Approved)

Other projects: September 20, 2016

FRIENDS' Testimony:

The proposed Basaltina re-cladding was found to be an appropriate change to the existing ground floor façade of 827 Madison Avenue. The new black glass portal is also appropriate as it imparts a more human, pedestrian scale to the East 69th Street frontage. However, the amount of signage in this proposal was deemed excessive. The stainless steel logo at the corner pier beside main entrance could easily be omitted without affecting the recognition of the store’s branding. With that change the FRIENDS Preservation Committee can recommend Commission approval of this application.