6 Henderson Place

Building Name

6 Henderson Place


Lamb and Rich

Year(s) Built



Henderson Place Historic District

6 Henderson Place
Project Information:

A Queen Anne style row house designed by Lamb and Rich and built in 1882. Application is to reconstruct the façade.

CB8 Hearing: 12/17/12 (Disapproved)
LPC Hearing: 12/11/12 (Laid Over); 02/26/13 (Approved)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS is sympathetic to the owner’s difficulties in restoring 6 Henderson Place and appreciates the preservation-minded approach in their attempt to reclaim and re-use historic material. The proposed bricks closely match the existing and were found to be appropriate if used judiciously and only where historic material cannot be salvaged. The replacement mortar and cast stone were likewise found to be appropriate choices. With close Commission oversight this proposal will rehabilitate the compromised wall system in an historically-sensitive manner and our committee recommends approval of this application.