28-30 East 92nd Street

Building Name

28-30 East 92nd Street


Henry J. Hardenbergh

Year(s) Built


Application Description

Combine the buildings, alter the areaways, and construct rooftop and rear yard


Carnegie Hill Historic District

28-30 East 92nd Street
Project Information:

Two Renaissance Revival style row houses designed by Henry J. Hardenbergh and built in 1892-95. Application is to combine the buildings, alter the areaways, and construct rooftop and rear yard additions

CB8 Hearing: 04/15/13 (Rooftop Addition Disapproved; Remaining Approved)
LPC Hearing: 04/23/13 (Laid Over); 05/07/13 (No Action); 06/11/13 (Approved with Modifications); 10/20/15 (Approved)

FRIENDS Testimony:

The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS can support some of the proposed changes to 28-30 East 92nd Street. The stoop to be removed is not historic and the other areaway alterations maintain the residential character of the street. The rear yard addition was also found to be acceptable but we ask that the decorative spandrel at the bottom of the triple-height bay window be retained.

The rooftop addition, mechanicals, and acoustic baffles, however–which rise a combined 28 ½ feet above the historic building–are extremely visible and inappropriate in scale and materials. Our committee urges the Commission to work with the applicant in reducing this massing and minimizing their visual impact before approving this proposal.

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