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A Wonderful Evening at our 13th Annual Ambassador to the Upper East Side Award Dinner!

On Wednesday, September 28th, over 200 friends from around the city gathered to honor O. Kelley Anderson at our Thirteenth Annual Ambassador to the Upper East Side Award Dinner. Kelley has been a member of FRIENDS’ Board for over two decades, serving as Treasurer since 1996,  and has contributed enormously to protecting this community’s historic character and quality of life.

Special thanks to our Benefit Committee, including Chairs Tina & Steve McPherson, and Vice-Chairs Gillian Blake & Oscar Anderson, Carol & Richard Miller, Ildiko & Gilbert Butler, and Ashton Hawkins & Johnnie Moore Hawkins. It was a wonderful and festive evening for all!

Photos by Sarah Greig Photography.

Avalon East 96th

Avalon East 96th