118 East 62nd Street

Building Name

118 East 62nd Street


Robert Mook

Year(s) Built



Upper East Side Historic District

Project Information:

A rowhouse designed by Robert Mook and built in 1869-70 and altered in a late Beaux Arts style by Carrere & Hastings in 1909. Application is to replace areaway ironwork.

CB8 Hearing: 07/19/21 (Disapproved)
LPC Hearing: 08/03/21 (Approved with Modifications)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

FRIENDS has long been an advocate for a more welcoming streetscape and cannot support the proposed five foot six inches tall fence. Late 19th-century townhouses such as 118 East 62nd Street were designed in such a way that the public sidewalk blended seamlessly with private areaways. High fences, although present in the Historic District, are not appropriate for this building’s style and create a hostile environment to the pedestrian.

Additionally, we believe the style of the proposed fence to be ordinary, and the absence of detail is incongruent with the Beaux Art style of the structure, nevertheless, we appreciate the proposal to have the ironwork painted black. FRIENDS appreciates the need for a new fence, and the presence of a curb to prevent deterioration, however, we believe a more durable material would be more appropriate. We urge the applicant to consider a more detailed and lower fence that is more in scale with the rowhouse and would still provide a sense of separation and security for the homeowner.

LPC Hearing: