1115 Fifth Avenue

Building Name

1115 Fifth Avenue


J.E.R. Carpenter

Year(s) Built



Expanded Carnegie Hill Historic District

1115 Fifth Avenue

Project Information:

A rowhouse built in 1879, and altered with classical details by Gurdon S. Parker in 1941. Application is to alter and redesign the façade, install a stoop and construct rooftop and rear yard additions.

CB8 Hearing: 4/15/2024 (approved)
LPC Hearing: 5/7/2024 (approved)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

FRIENDS Preservation Committee recommends approval of the proposal. It offers a well-considered and respectful approach to safeguarding the historical character by repairing the damaged parapet, and rebuilding exterior to match historic details and materials. The proposed structural intervention will include cantilevered support for windows on all sides to relieve the overburdened original parapet and while keeping the lines of the mullions of the original 1929 design. Although barely seen from the street level, the new structure is an elegant alternative to the existing penthouse structure with degraded windows and metal fascia. FRIENDS also commends the client for providing comprehensive architectural drawings, facilitating a clear understanding of the project.