1065 Park Avenue

Building Name

1065 Park Avenue


Stephen C. Lyras

Year(s) Built


Application Description

Alter the facade, the plaza, and the sidewalk.


Park Avenue Historic District

1065 Park Avenue
Project Information:

A modern style apartment building designed by Stephen C. Lyras and built in 1969-73.

CB8 Hearing: 07/13/15 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 08/11/15 (No Action), 11/17/15 (Approved facade and sidewalk, No Action on plaza); 06/14/16 (Approved revisions to plaza)

FRIENDS' Testimony (02/02/16):

We find the alterations to the façade to be a subtle improvement, and we are pleased to see a reconstruction of the plaza. The original geometry of the arcade will be much more visible thanks to the removed awnings and lower plantings. However, our Committee is concerned that the increase in planters reduces the amount of usable public space. Given that the plaza was built as a public amenity in exchange for a density bonus as a Privately Owned Public Space, its design should facilitate greater access to the public, not less. Parks and open space make up less than one percent of the Upper East Side land area, so the maintenance and accessibility of these public spaces are ongoing issues for our area.

The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS requests that the Commission work with the applicant to produce a more hospitable design for this Privately Owned Public Space.

Thank you.

FRIENDS' Testimony (06/14/16):

When this project was presented to the Commission last fall, FRIENDS was pleased to see a reconstruction of the building’s public plaza. A number of Privately Owned Public Spaces on the Upper East Side are poorly maintained, unwelcoming, and often inaccessible. In our last testimony for this proposal, FRIENDS’ Preservation Committee was concerned about the loss of usable public space due to the increased number of planters in the design. Now, the planters have been greatly reduced, and the new proposal includes even more usable public space than currently exists. We are happy that this project was submitted to the Department of City planning and went through the proper channels of review. The openness of the plaza and the addition of built-in seating along the planters are a great improvement. If approved, this new design will help facilitate greater public use of this space, which is crucial to a neighborhood where only one percent of the land area is made up of parks and open space. FRIENDS supports this application.

Thank you.

LPC Hearing: