Roosevelt Island Lighthouse

Building Name

Roosevelt Island Lighthouse


James Renwick, Jr.

Year(s) Built



Individual Landmark

Project Information:

The Roosevelt Island Lighthouse was designed by James Renwick, Jr. and built in 1872 with later alterations. Application is to modify the lantern room and roof.

CB8 Hearing: 12/18/19 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 02/11/20 (Approved)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

FRIENDS’ Preservation Committee commends the applicant for sourcing the historic photographs and illustrations showing the original lantern design. We recognize that the existing cast-iron lantern, although historic, is severely deteriorated and does not match the stone structure in size and proportion. The existing concrete deck and its brackets, also not original to the Lighthouse, show acute signs of decay and detracts from the historic stonework.

While FRIENDS would prefer to see the use of the historic material, we acknowledge the excessive cost and maintenance associated with the use of cast-iron in such building style. We applaud the new design of an elongated eight-sided structure and believe that the use of tinted glass in the roof will not detract from the overall experience of the Lighthouse.

Finally, FRIENDS would like to commend the architect for spearheading a project that transcends material maintenance and is a true preservation undertaking. We hope that these alterations will allow for the building to be open for visitation, enabling New Yorkers and tourists to experience it on a different scale.

LPC Hearing: