Recent opposition to the Frick expansion from HDC and the New York Times

Last week the Historic Districts Council released a statement opposing the proposed Frick expansion, saying among other things that “HDC finds the proposal in its current form to be a myopic solution for expansion, and one that would compromise the museum’s setting and genteel atmosphere. One cannot truly compare The Frick to any other museum in the city; it is unique and stands apart, in nature and in space. That deliberate quality is an invaluable asset to its surrounding neighborhood and is a gift to our city. Any necessary expansion must be achieved with equal individuality rather than giving in to the mania for mindless growth that has afflicted so many other New York institutions.”

Their position was then picked-up by Robin Pogrebin at the New York Times.

Click here to the read HDC’s full statement.

Click here to read the article in the NYT.

To learn more and voice your opinion, visit Unite to Save the Frick.