Finnegans Wake – 1361 First Avenue

Finnegans Wake
1361 First Avenue
New York


Commissioned by William A. Juch and built in 1874, this building and East 73rd bears little resemblance to the building designed by L. Biela. Despite not being part of the same row, the building to the north, at 1363 First Avenue, will give you a good idea of what originally sat at the corner. The four-story brick tenement was built with modest arched stone lintels and a cornice, and without a storefront, which was probably added sometime in the first decades of the 20th century. Juch was likely a German immigrant and a mason builder. His son, also William Juch, born in 1872 went on to continue his father’s real estate business and later became president of the Woodmere-Hewlett, Nassau, Exchange Club.