ADVOCACY UPDATE: Recent Frick expansion coverage from the New York Times

On Sunday Robin Pogrebin at the New York Times published an article about the Frick expansion, bringing to light a statement from the museum’s testimony before the landmarks Preservation Commission in 1973:

“The Frick Collection has decided to abandon its long-range plans for a wing covering the three vacant lots,” the museum said in the documents from 1973, “thus enabling the proposed garden to become a permanent feature instead of the interim garden.”

The article also quoted FRIENDS:

“Among the groups that have voiced their disapproval are the Historic Districts Council, which reviews presentations on landmark properties headed for the landmarks commission, and Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts. In September, the friends group wrote a letter to the Frick likening its garden to the White House lawn. “It can be fully appreciated, in all its majesty,” the group said, “without stepping foot inside the gate.””

Click here to read the article in the NYT.

To learn more and voice your opinion, visit Unite to Save the Frick.

Frick Collection, NYC

Frick Collection, NYC