4 East 79th Street

Building Name

4 East 79th Street


C.P.H. Gilbert

Year(s) Built



Metropolitan Museum Historic District

4 East 79th Street
Project Information:

A Beaux-Arts style building originally designed by C.P.H. Gilbert and constructed in 1899-1900. Application is to install a fence.

CB8 Hearing: 12/17/18 (No Position)
LPC Hearing: 2/5/19 (Approved with modification)

FRIENDS' Testimony:

FRIENDS’ Preservation Committee takes no issue with the application for the installation of a reversible ornamental fence and gate, and find the proposal to be an ingenious solution to the issues of intrusion exacerbated by the nearby MTA bus stop. Because the gate is not attached to the rest of the fence, it can be removed one the MTA moves the bus stop — as has been promised — without permanently altering the appearance of this highly visible elevation from the street. The fence creates a physical boundary between the public and the private space, while being respectful of the pedestrians’ right of way.

We feel that the height of the gate successfully differentiates this new feature from the extensive existing fence that encloses the house’s surrounding property. We feel this is more successful than permanently extending the historic height, scale, and materiality of the proposal to be appropriate and we support the application.

LPC Hearing: