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138 East 94th Street

Building Name

138 East 94th Street


Neville & Bagge

Year(s) Built


Application Description

Install a barrier-free access ramp


Carnegie Hill Historic District

138 East 94th Street
Project Information:

A neo-Renaissance style flats building with stores designed by Neville & Bagge and built in 1901-02. Application is to install a barrier-free access ramp.

CB8 Hearing:
LPC Hearing: 7/22/14 (Approved)

FRIENDS Testimony:

The proposed ramp at 138 East 94th Street abuts and accesses a 1980s storefront on Lexington Avenue and does not further detract from the character of the building. The materials are functional, the placement is minimally-obtrusive to the public way, and the alteration is ultimately reversible.

The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS supports the application.

Thank you.

LPC Hearing:

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