Third Avenue and 74th Street Tower Heads to the BSA

Tower project on the iconic J.G. Melon Block seeks variance for additional development rights

A proposed development at 1297-1299 Third Avenue, on the same block as the iconic J.G. Melon restaurant, has drawn significant attention from neighbors and community groups and will head to the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) next Tuesday, January 29th. Developers Thor Equities and Premier have assembled a site using air rights purchased from much of the block on the East side of Third Avenue between 74th and 75th Streets, where plans to construct a new residential building are underway. Demolition of the two existing tenements on the footprint of the proposed building was completed this summer.

Lack of clarity around the specifics of this project has been a constant since conceptual renderings were released in 2016 showing a design that fully absorbed the southern corner of the block. But a 2017 BSA application and initial presentations to Community Board 8 in 2018 indicated a 370 foot tall, 31-story tower that would cantilever significantly to the north and south over the neighboring tenements, but leave those buildings intact, including the corner building housing J.G. Melon. Subsequent plans filed with the Department of Buildings described something else entirely – an 80 foot, 6-story building to replace the 5-story tenements. This filing appeared to be a placeholder for the developer’s true plans, and FRIENDS took issue with the fact that the developer had proposed two completely different visions of the same site to two city agencies. See our March 2018 letter to the DOB here.

Next Tuesday, January 29th, the project will head to the BSA seeking to amend a 1970 varianceat 203 East 74th Street (Lot 103), around the corner from the development site. The applicants wish to purchase approximately 7,000 square feet of unused development rights from this site, but the air rights transfer must be reviewed by the BSA because 203 East 74th Street was issued a variance for an unusually small rear court when it was constructed in 1970. An already small, dark rear court that provides the only light and air for residential units in that building would only become darker still if this amendment to the existing variance is granted.

The inclusion of development rights from 203 East 74th street would not only increase both the scale of any new building on Third Avenue and increase the depth of cantilevers extending over the neighboring buildings, it would also significantly decrease access to light and air, two core urban values, at 203 East 74th Street.

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Tuesday, January 29th
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203 East 74th Street (Calendar number 103-70-BZ) is item 15 on the calendar.Agenda is available HERE.

Left: Current form of the block. Shaded tan buildings have sold air rights to the tower. Right: Conjectural massing of proposed 31-story building. Credit: George Janes

Graphic of building site and combined zoning lot

Graphic of building site and combined zoning lot