Miss Madeleine – 400 East 82nd Street

Miss Madeleine
400 East 82nd Street
Established 2017


Gerald and Peggy Hudeau left Guadeloupe in 2012 to come to the US and begin a new life by opening their own company. With 5 children in tow, they were forced to stop in Paris to obtain their visas. It took over a year to receive this visa, however, it was only granted to Gerald. He chose to come to NY, on his own, in the hopes of filing the necessary paperwork and getting a license to open a food business. Knowing no one in the city, and having little money, Gerald found odd jobs and continued efforts to secure a space for the bakery. “One of the best days was when all of my kids arrived in New York” in 2015.

Peggy was able to find a job at Canele by Celine, the former bakery in this location. Gerald shared, “When Celine saw the magic in the kitchen, she decided to make a business with us by buying some of our products and asked me to be her GM.” After 1 year working in the small kitchen turning out wondrous creations, Celine decided that it was time for her to turn over operations to Gerald and Peggy to fulfill their own personal dream. It was a long and difficult road to travel, but this couple has finally found their destiny.


This single-story structure on the south side of East 82nd Street was built as part of a four-story building at the corner of First Avenue. Commissioned by David Sibbald, the brick tenement was built in 1871, and there is no record of who designed it. The modest details such as stone lintels and cornice are still visible today, but the storefronts, both at the main building on First Avenue and at East 82nd Street have been altered through time. The corner has been a deli for decades, while 400 East 82nd Street was a polling booth in the 1890s, a stationery store in the 1910s, and a fine chocolate store in the early 2000s.