Great News! LPC Announces Second Public Hearing for Rules Changes!

LPC Announces Second Public Hearing for Rules Changes!

The Landmarks Preservation Commission has voted to calendar a second Public Hearing in October to allow the public to comment on the amended proposal for revised LPC Rules. The decision, championed primarily by acting Chair Frederick Bland, is intended to promote transparency and foster constructive feedback from the public during the agency’s rule making process.
At the first Public Hearing this past March, many preservation advocates, members of the public, and lovers of historic buildings voiced their concerns about how the proposed rules could negatively affect New York City’s significant landmarked building stock. Read FRIENDS’ full statement here. The Commission declined to vote on the rules as proposed and tasked the LPC staff with re-drafting the text with those numerous substantive comments in mind.
Your voice been heard!
This course change from the LPC is evidence that our thoughtful advocacy makes a difference! The public process that engenders good government has resulted in the LPC taking a critical second look at the proposed rules changes and altering them to better serve our city’s tremendous historic building stock and the public who so dearly cares for it.
Click here to see an overview of the amended sections of the rules. The revised text will be available on the LPC website by some point during the week of August 6, 2018 and the Public Hearing will be in October, though no final date has been set. FRIENDS of the Upper East Side will be closely reviewing the new text and testifying at the hearing in October.

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