Zero Emission: Passive House Principles on the Upper East Side

Passive House projects are quickly becoming the gold standard of sustainability, with many projects popping up throughout the city. But what does it actually mean? FRIENDS has invited engineers Lois Arena, Director of Passive House Services at Steven Winter Associates, and Ben Igoe, owner of CTS Builders to talk about passive house principles and how they are applied in buildings. The goal is to significantly minimize the ecological footprint of buildings, both new and old, as we are well aware that the greenest buildings are often those that are already built. Lois and Ben will join us at the Convivium, the first passive house on the Upper East Side, and recipient of FRIENDS' 2021 Visionary Award. We’ll have a chance to see how some of the different technologies are used to create ultra-low energy buildings, and even get a glimpse of the spectacular rooftop views.


June 9th
06:30 pm


515 East 86th Street