A Virtual Look at New York’s Posh Portals

Grand entrances always make a statement. That’s especially true at New York’s most elegant and illustrious apartment buildings, where posh entrance portals offer residents a sense of home, denote a building’s grandeur and elegance, and add visual interest to the streetscape. In his new book, Posh Portals: Elegant Entrances and Ingratiating Ingresses to Apartments for the Affluent in New York City, Architectural Historian Andrew Alpern chronicles our city’s most dramatic doorways, relating how these entrances not only encapsulate the architectural goals of luxury real estate, but also express practical experiences of affluent New York urbanism: If the Dakota didn’t have an arched entryway high enough to admit a carriage, and an interior courtyard large enough for that carriage to turn around and leave the way it had come, how would the building’s original residents be driven to their doors? Join FRIENDS for this virtual discussion between Alpern and the book’s Illustrator Simon Fieldhouse, as they take us on a door-to-door journey, across the East Side and the West Side, through the history of New York’s most elegant entrances!


February 25th
6:00 pm



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