The Art of Walking Manhattan Sideways

The flood of gratitude and appreciation for Betsy Bober Polivy's first book, Walking Manhattan Sideways inspired her to begin working on another book this past spring. In addition to shining a light on many more scrumptious restaurants, splendid neighborhood bars, and one-of-a-kind shops that have survived on the side streets for decades, The Art of Walking Manhattan Sideways features magnificent places of worship, fascinating not-for-profits, and the Arts - in all its forms.

Join FRIENDS for a second time with Betsy on Thursday, November 4th, when she will spend time chatting about her adventures walking - throughout the pandemic - while also sharing a personal glimpse into the lives of some of the extraordinary people who are determined to survive despite all of the challenges they are facing. Just like last time, her stories promise to be entertaining and inspiring.

You can purchase both of Betsy's books here.


November 4th
6:00 pm