Can You Imagine: A Look at Never-Built projects on the Upper East Side

What if you could drive right up to the entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or live in a floating residential community suspended 25 feet over Roosevelt Island? These are all questions asked and answered in un-built architectural plans for the Upper East Side. For decades, architects and planners, from municipal designers to the world’s most revered “starchitects,” have conceived of new projects for the city that ultimately remained on the drawing board. Considered ingenious or insane, depending on who you ask, these designs are all part of the history of the Unbuilt Upper East Side. Join us for a virtual look at never-built projects in our neighborhood with Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, authors of Never Built New York, and hear about their current work-in-progess, Never Built Central Park!


May 26th
6:00 pm