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Building History Detectives

Workshop and Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to be a skyline sleuth! Have you ever wanted to learn more about a building in your neighborhood?

When it was built, which architect designed it, and who may have lived there? Join us virtually for our 2-part program, Building History Detectives!

Part one is a workshop with researcher Susan De Vries, active in the preservation field for over 20 years, who will show us how we can learn about the buildings that surround us. She will explore the various online tools and resources that we can use to uncover Upper East Side’s buildings’ architectural and social history, and include a handy, neighborhood-specific source guide for you to use at your leisure (or in friendly competition against your neighbors in part 2 of this event!!).

Part two is a scavenger hunt where you can put your new research skills to the test! We’ll offer a virtual scavenger hunt, with questions about local buildings, which you can answer using the sources highlighted in part one. Feel free to work with a team, or play solo. Send us your answers to compete for unlimited neighborhood bragging rights and a prize from FRIENDS!


November 23rd
6:00 pm



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