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Architecture and Changing Lifestyles in Yorkville

A Virtual Tour

Why would a block of 19th-century working-class tenements near the East River become home to members of the social register and the offices of the Paris Review? How did white brick capture the ideals of post-war middle-class apartment dwellers?

What does Yorkville’s relationship to the East River have to do with the development of its residential architecture? On this virtual tour of Yorkville, Architectural Historian Francis Morrone will trace different periods of neighborhood history through the growth and development of Yorkville’s residential architectural, focusing on such forms as the tenement, the apartment house, the Black and Whites of East 72nd Street, and the post-war high rise. Throughout, Morrone will explore how changing architectural styles express more than a century of changing lifestyles in Yorkville.


August 27th
6:30 pm





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