Henderson Place Historic District

Historic Districts HENDERSON PLACE Designated in 1969, The Henderson Place Historic District is a tiny architectural gem tucked amidst the burgeoning city. Of the 32 houses originally built in 1881-82 by developer John C. Henderson for “persons of moderate means,” 24 survive. The houses were all designed by the architectural firm of Lamb & Rich, who were talented interpreters of the Queen Anne style. The historic district’s boundaries are the eastern end of the East 86th Street/East 87th Street block between York and East End Avenues. The use of features such as wide arched entryways, terra cotta plaques, windows divided into tiny square panes, and projecting bays and oriels produced an enclave of buildings that were of a high level of design, although they were intended to house people of moderate means. Recent LPC Hearing Items in the Henderson Place District More Resources Catch up on news related to the Henderson Place Historic District. Read the Henderson Place Historic District designation report.