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Upper East Side Hotels

Architectural and Cultural History

Recently New York’s hotels have stood as places of lodging for frontline workers, and places of shelter for those without permanent homes. But, New York’s hotels have always played a role in the cultural and political life of the city and the nation. Here is just one example: the manager of the St. Regis who brought the King Cole mural to its hallowed place behind the bar, was also an ousted White Russian prince turned hotelier who became a WWII spy and served as the nation’s oldest combat paratrooper, making daring midnight jumps into occupied Paris and Sardinia. If you think that’s surreal, this all took place before Salvador Dali lived at the hotel with a pet ocelot and a cloak of dead bees. This virtual tour with historian and tour guide Lucie Levine will explore the architectural history of the Upper East Side’s most famous hotels, and delve into their social and cultural roles in everything from politics to parties, literature to art. From the Plaza to the Pierre, the Sherry Netherland to the Carlyle, check-in, and check out the Cultural History of Upper East hotels.


December 9th
6:00 pm



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